GeoComfort Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

GeoComfort Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems are so much more than a simple heating and cooling system.  They are quiet, offer lower operating costs than conventional systems, do not utilize flammable fossil fuels to operate, offer hot water for use in your home as a bonus, and so much more.
GeoComfort geothermal systems may reduce monthly heating and cooling bills by up to 70% over conventional systems.  Operating costs are not subject to the fluctuations associated with fossil fuel pricing.

The average life expectancy of a geothermal unit is nearly 25 years compared to the average 13 year life expectancy of conventional systems.

Geothermal units have lower maintenance costs due, primarily, to the equipment being indoors where it is not exposed to the elements.  They also have fewer moving parts which provide for less opportunity for malfunction.

GeoComfort geothermal systems provide long term value to a home and are becoming attractive selling points in the real estate market.
Doug Rye, The King of Caulk & Talk, has been an advocate for geothermal systems for years and is an expert in the home energy conservation field.  

From seminars to his radio and television talk show "Home Remedies" , Doug Rye has made educating homeowners on the incredible efficiency and savings of the geothermal systems one of his top priorities for over 35 years.

He also works as a consultant for many electric cooperatives including Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative in West Plains, Mo.

Tune into "Home Remedies" Saturday 9am to 10am on KWPM, News Talk Radio, to hear more from Doug Rye.

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