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Extended Warranty

Include information about extended warranty options available through the dealer.

Why an Additional Warranty?
A wide variety of comprehensive extended warranty protection plans are available to the consumer. Why consider a protection plan? If you are like most home owners, you did your best to ensure that you purchased a reliable heating and air conditioning unit. However, no matter how reliable your unit may be, you know that one day it may break down. Although you cannot predict when it will happen, the repair cost will likely be yours to pay.

Purchase an extended warranty protection plan for your heating and air conditioning unit and repair costs are minimized. Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for repairs when you may be able to pay just a small deductible? When purchasing an extended warranty, make certain you buy from a reputable company.

If you are hoping to avoid costly repairs on your new system and would like a free no-obligation quote on an warranty or extended service contract, **Butler Heating and Air** is proud to provide you with competitive extended warranty options.