Butler Heating & Air
Butler Heating and Air is a full service HVAC, electrical, and refrigeration contractor. From ground source heat pumps to air source, as well as propane heaters and fireplaces. We install and do maintenance on them all. No one wants to sit in the sweltering Missouri heat during the middle of July and hearing our own teeth chatter on a cold day in February isn't much fun either. Here at Butler Heating and Air, you are almost guaranteed either same day or at the very least second day service. We have two experienced service technicians on staff full time. We also have our technicians on call 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Two separate installation crews allows us to install your new system in a timely manner. So, when you wake up to a cold house at 2:00am in the morning, don't worry. Give us a call. And our work is guaranteed. We promise to take care of you because customer service is a top priority at Butler Heating and Air.
Prevent those uncomfortable situations by servicing your heating and air conditioning units.Much like your automobile, your heating and cooling system needs a check up.Not every three thousand miles, but a check on your system before the cooling season (usually in Apr/May) and then again before the heating season (usually Sept/Oct), will do wonders for the life and efficiency of your system.With just these two system checkups per year most common problems can be avoided.
Scheduled Maintenance Annual Agreement Amenities & Regulations

Individual price per agreement subject to system size and needs.
Butler Heating and Air will provide 10% discount on all repair parts.
Butler Heating and Air will provide emergency service to you before non-agreement customers. Your system will be checked in the spring and fall. Two calls per year.
The services covered by this agreement will be scheduled during Butler Heating and Air's regular working hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays. After hours or weekend scheduling is available for an additional charge.
The agreement includes maintenance materials (lubrication/cleaning supplies) necessary to perform the required maintenance. (We will provide 1" throw away filters.)
This DOES NOT include any additional parts or materials necessary for repair of equipment beyond those parts and materials expressed above.
Any repairs required beyond those provided in this agreement will be brought to your attention and will be due upon completion. Butler Heating and Air shall not be liable for any loss arising from delay, failure to discover a condition requiring repair or replacement, or as a consequence of any performance under this agreement.
Butler Heating and Air will maintain a complete record of all maintenance and repairs performed by us and will provide you with a written report upon completion of work.
This agreement is for one (1) year from the effective date. Unless Butler Heating and Air notifies you in writing at least thirty (30) days before the anniversary date of any changes, we will renew this agreement automatically.