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Butler Heating and Air offers the most up to date heating and air conditioning systems. From the latest in geothermal technology and air source heat pumps to fireplaces, ventless heaters and high efficiency air conditioners, we have just the right system to fit your specific needs.
The latest in geothermal technology.
A pioneer in air source heat pumps.
Geothermal Technology
A Way To Work With Mother Nature www.geocomfort.com
Purchasing a geothermal system is not only an investment in affordable comfort, but also an investment in the preservation of our environment for generations to come.
Installing a geothermal system in a typical home is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees, or taking two cars off the road. That's because geothermal systems burn no fossil fuels and emit no carbon dioxide, which has been associated with the greenhouse effect and global warming.
Air Source Heat Pumps
Imagine that you took an air conditioner and flipped it around so that the hot coils were on the inside and the cold coils were on the outside. Then you would have a heater. It turns out that this heater works extremely well. Rather than burning a fuel, what it is doing is "moving heat."

Heat Pump Basics
A heat pump is an air conditioner that contains a valve that lets it switch between "air conditioner" and "heater." When the valve is switched one way, the heat pump acts like an air conditioner, and when it is switched the other way it reverses the flow of Freon and acts like a heater.
Ventless Heaters, Fireplaces, and More!
Butler Heating and Air is a full-service Vanguard vent-free gas hearth product retailer. Vanguard is the most trusted name in zone heating with hundreds of different styles, colors, and sizes. Come in and let us help you find a Vanguard product to satisfy your hearth and home needs.

Mini-Hearth Vent-Free Gas Heaters.

This Vanguard Mini-Hearth is 99% heating efficient compact heater offers a vent-free design putting heat into the room not up a chimney. Thermostat controlled this heater has from a minimum of 15.000 BTU to a maximum 30,000 BTU and pilot with mantels available.
LogMate Vent-Free Gas Fireboxes

Warm up on a chilly night while sitting beside the fire. Shown here, the 32" LogMate, with oak stained corner mantel, hearth base and vent-free Glowing Oak Logs would make a lovely addition to any home. Mantel are also available in white and cherry finish.
Cast Iron Gas Stove Heaters

For that "old-time" look, The Vanguard Cast Iron Stoves are available in several popular decor colors. Seen here, the Oxford Stove featured in Teal-Porcelain, is offered in Sand, Red, and a Charcoal painted finish.Optional base accessories and floor pads are available.
Outdoor Patio Products

Enjoy th e ambiance of a real wood fire with the convenience of gas logs. This Vanguard Chimenea in rich amber comes with a two piece hand sculpted clay chimenea with decorative cap, split look gas logs, wrought iron stand, 45,000BTU dual burner, ash bed material, glowing embers, lava rock, complete gas connection with shut-off valve,steel burner pan, and a heavy duty steel bar iron grate. Along with being CSA tested and approved, the Clay Chimenea run for about 9.5 hours on a 20lb. LP gas grill cylinder.
Information provided in part by Vanguard Heating Products.