Furnace Maintenance Tips

Furnace Maintenance Tips in West Plains, MO

Taking care of your heating system is one of the most important things you can do. It can save you money on your electric bill, and ensure your system lasts for a long time. Here are some things you can do to keep your furnace maintained.
  • Start by looking at your furnace. Make sure there is no black soot around the system. Next, turn on the thermostat and set it above room temperature so the furnace comes on. Look at the flames in the burner. You want to see a steady, blue flame. Also listen for questionable noises or vibrations while the furnace is on, and smell for any gas leaks.
  • After the visual inspection, turn the thermostat off and switch the power off at the furnace (or flip the breaker if the furnace does not have a power switch). It’s very important that if you are performing any kind of gas furnace maintenance that you turn off the gas line. The gas line should have shut off valve near your gas meter.
  • Once the furnace has cooled, open the furnace door. Use a vacuum with a long nozzle to clean out the furnace base. For areas your vacuum can't reach, such as the fan blades, use a damp cloth to wipe away dust.
  • If your blower has a fan belt, inspect it for cracks or fraying. You can also check the tension by pushing down in the center of the belt. If it deflates by more than half an inch, it will need to be tightened. Butler Heating & Air can assist you with tightening or replacing the fan belt.
  • Replace the furnace panels and turn the furnace power and gas pack on. You may need to relight the pilot light. The final item on our gas furnace maintenance checklist is to inspect and change the filter. Your filter may need to be changed as often as once a month during heating season. Be sure to check it often to keep your air clean and your family breathing easy. 
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