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Generator Maintenance Agreements

Butler Heating and Air performs the following checks as part of a Generator Planned Maintenance:

  • Inspection of the generator, transfer switch, and surrounding areas for pest infestation and damage that might interfere with reliable operation
  • Inspection of the fuel system to locate any problems
  • Cleaning and testing of generator operation, including starting and charging phases
  • Check of the engine oil, air filter, battery, throttle/choke systems (as needed), and inspection the cooling system
  • Inspection of the belt, radiator, and solenoids to ensure proper function
  • Performance of a load test on the generator to optimize electrical efficiency
  • Maintaining a record of generator output and transfer switch operation, including the system's exercise times and dates, as well as the number of hours the system has operated

In addition, Butler Heating & Air also performs Service Maintenance, which consists of:

  • Inspection of the engine cooling blower and air-cooled unit
  • Inspection of the valve lash
  • Replace the spark plugs, air filter, oil filter, and oil (using Mobil1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 oil)

The service interval recommended by Generac for the current 22 kilowatt (KW) air cooled model (model #0065512) is 25 hours for the first maintenance, and every 2 years/200 run-hours after that. This same protocol is acceptable for most generators manufactured to date.

All generator service calls include a Planned Maintenance in order to ensure a reasonable level of reliability. Repair bids will be submitted to the customer, as required.

Planned Maintenance agreements consist one (1) Planned Maintenance and one (1) Service Maintenance, to be performed in consecutive years. Butler Heating & Air will perform generator Planned Maintenance in the fall to maximize generator reliability for the upcoming winter season.